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    When you submit your video story, we’ll reward you with a free, educational breast card. Use it to learn how to perform a proper self-exam, or share it with a friend to encourage them to take action with their own health. Together, we can make a difference.

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    The award-winning Breast Health Awareness Card has been instrumental in raising awareness for women across the globe. When we learned that some women do not examine themselves for breast
    lumps, even those who were survivors of breast cancer, we knew the right tool was needed. After research and discussion with cancer experts, we developed that tool: a breast model with a life-like feel and realistic representation of hidden lumps. This breast model encourages women to examine themselves regularly and explains how to conduct a proper self-exam. It also reminds women about the importance of annual mammograms and urges them to discuss their breast health with their doctor. This tool has proven to be a successful resource for proper self-examinations and empowers women to take action to protect and preserve their health. Various health care professionals have been thrilled with our design and now have a useful tool to educate patients about breast awareness. One Product. One idea. Countless lives changed.

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